About the Crispy Soul Podcast

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The Backstory

When the host Avery, was 25 years old, she noticed these people all around her who didn't seem depressed like she was ... they had energy, they had friends, a great career, hobbies, they were just happy ... they looked like people who exercised before work for God sake, and they seemed like people who always showed up to family functions with an egg bake.


She wondered for years, how they did it, how they got so ... so Crispy!


Now, a 34 year old woman diagnosed with Bipolar, Avery hasn't given up her quest to Crispy. Through her depressions and highs, she has seen what makes a Crispy person (listen to the podcast to find out more), and in the spring of 2020, Avery developed a burning desire to share her story. She just happened to find an investor to fund her equipment. Then she found an amazing group of producers to record the show, and a team of creative think tanks to handle the rest. Together, the team launched


Listen to the humorous, deep, and gritty Crispy Soul Podcast to find out what crispy really means. Now booking crispy guests. Contact us via email at contact@crispysoulpodcast.com

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