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Who are these people asking me for money?


The Crispy Soul Podcast is a new podcast show, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that just launched in October 2020. Our host, founder and owner, Avery M., discusses her mental-health journey in order to give our listeners some perspective on how to live with a little more self-love. She wants to tell her stories without suggesting that her advice will work for everyone; she hopes that her stories will be more inspirational than educational, partly because she's still figuring out her own journey. The podcast is humorous, dark at times, and brutally honest.  What sets us apart is that we are offering a show where listeners get to witness someone who has been to hell and back, has allowed walls to come down, and is making the difficulties of the past mean something for the future (while seeing the funny side of it all too). We hope that delivering this story and it's message to the world will allow our listeners to navigate their darkness, face their demons, and transform their pain into the life they want and deserve.


What will CSP use the money for?


We will use this money to pay our ridiculously talented and hard working team of consultants and interns, recording equipment/studio maintenance, and other miscellaneous small business costs that come up. We will also use funding to go toward our strategic digital marketing campaign, consisting of initiatives that will grow our fan following and attract sponsors.

Please review the following options to support CSP. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, click here. Thank you in advance for your support!

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The best way for our Crispy Fans to support us is by becoming Patrons on our Patreon channel!
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We've also launched a GoFundMe page! This is great for one-time donations to help fund us.
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