Meet the CSP Team!

Our team consists of creators, producers, editors, administrators, and more! Each of us plays an important role in making CSP. Read more below to find out who's behind your new favorite podcast!


Alena Phongsavath

Director of Communications

Alena is the lead for CSP's Administrative Team and the Director of Communications. They work with the Creative team, the Production Team, and the Digital Marketing Team to facilitate their work. 

Alena graduated from the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities with a Bachelor's in Communications studies. They are very passionate about media representation of marginalized groups, especially Asian Americans and the LGBT+ community.

Evan Sox Bio Pic.jpeg

Evan Sox

Podcast Producer And Editor

Evan is part of the Production Team and deals with every part of the technical assembly line: recording, editing, mixing, and jingle writing. He's also an avid podcast listener, romantic songwriter, Spanish interpreter, and tennis fanatic.

Evan graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) with degrees in Audio Production and Sound Design for Visual Media in March 2020. When he isn't making something for your listening enjoyment, he's playing card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! with his husband. 

Kendra Bell

Podcast Artist, Editor, And Writer

Kendra is a member of the Creative team at CSP, writing and editing blogs and podcast content. She also designs many of the graphics and logos for CSP. 


Kendra is from the Chicago suburbs. She is currently studying at Marquette University. Kendra studies Communications, supplementing it with English and Spanish. She enjoys anything creative, including visual arts, music, and writing.

Reba Headshot.png

Reba Zatz

Podcast Editor, Writer, And Animator

Reba is a member of both the Creative and Production teams at CSP. She edits video content, writes blogs, and makes animated graphics. 


Reba is from Minneapolis and has a BFA in Animation from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, as well as a BA in Film from The University of Iowa. She is passionate about movies, musical theater, Disney, and going to cosplay conventions.

Quinn 2.JPG

Quinn Gilberts

Writer For The CSP Blog

Quinn is a writer for the Creative team.  She is from the Midwest and likes to write about her mental health journey in hopes that it will help people going through a similar process. Quinn also hopes sharing her experiences will help de-stigmatize mental illness for those that do not have it.

Quinn chooses not to share a profile picture because her blogs contain sensitive personal information. All CSP Contributors have the option to remain anonymous to protect their privacy.