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CSP is now accepting applications from organizations that are a good fit for the themes of show.  Please see below for different ways that you can partner with The Crispy Soul Podcast.
Sponsor A LIVE Event
CSP hosts monthly live shows, broadcasted online to platforms like Youtube Live and Facebook Live, that are available for sponsorship. If you become an official sponsor of a live online show, you will receive online promotion on CSP's website and on all social media platforms as well as a minimum  pre-roll shout out and midroll 15-30 second personally tailored ad. Slots fill up very fast. Book your ad slot now. See pricing below.
Advertise On The  Show
 CSP hosts a bi-weekly pre-recorded show, published on all major streaming platforms, that has some advertising slots available. CSP has 2 - 30-60 second midroll slots and 2- 30-60 second post-roll slots available.


What is the podcast about?

CSP is a humorous, deep, and gritty podcast that explores what it means to be Crispy. It's about conquering your demons, exploring the dark and light within, personal transformation, self-love, mental health, spirituality, nature/plants, and even paranormal experiences. CSP also features amazing guests with inspirational stories who have many followers, and most of all, have an incredible story to tell.


What is the price?

*Your first ad is free!

CSP is offering an introductory rate when you book this week:

When you book 1 ad slot:

60 second ad for just $100 per ad

30 second ad for just $50 per ad

When you book 5 ad slots:

60 second ad for just $97 per ad - $500 - $485 total

30 second ads for just $47 per ad - $250 - $235 total


When you book 10 ad slots:

60 second ad for just $95 per ad - $100 $950 total

30 second ads for just $45 per ad - $950 $450 total


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What will the ad sound like?

The CSP production team will get a script from you and then personalize the script to organically get your message out to The CSP Fans. CSP is passionate about your brand and that will resonate with the listeners naturally.


How do I purchase my ad spots now?

Click here to book your ad slots. Then The CSP Team will contact you to get your script and begin production on your ad.