CCWR : The FabFitFun Spring 2021 Subscription Box

Hey Crispyverse! Lately, I've been on a self-care kick. After seeing my sister's skincare and makeup stash, I noticed how confident she was. Even if it wasn't any particular special occasion, taking the time to doll herself up made her feel good inside, which definitely showed on the outside. I decided to take a page out of her book, and I've found that treating yourself definitely is a self esteem booster. That's why this week, I'm reviewing my Spring 2021 box from FabFitFun, a quarterly subscription service focused on health, beauty, wellness, and treating yourself. Disclaimer: This is not a paid endorsement of FabFitFun or any of the products featured in the package. I'm just a girl who wanted to do something nice for herself.

Now, I'm new to the world of subscription boxes. But my mom and sister have been doing FabFitFun and they liked it. So, I decided to give it a shot. First, let's talk about the box itself. Presentation is so important with any retail product, and mail order subscriptions are no exception. The packaging itself is gorgeous, and I definitely felt the inexplicable urge to save the box for an unknown occasion at a later date. I'm officially "it's such a nice box" years old.

Upon opening the package, I noticed that it was just as aesthetically pleasing on the inside as it was the outside. It didn't feel like everything was just thrown in there, but arranged with care.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the products inside weren't sample sizes, but full size. Not only that, but the products in the box retailed to a grand total of $256. I paid $49.99 for the box, so in terms of value, it's a great buy. Now let's move on to the products inside the box. The first was a fishnet tote bag by Camp Collection. I really liked the color on it, but I'm not sure it would work as anything other than a bag for carrying produce at the grocery store. It was kind of like a hammock but with purse straps. It's a cute bag, but it has limited practical uses. Also the fact that there's no closure of any kind indicates it's probably not the best idea to use it as just a regular purse.

Next, I pulled out a set of six makeup brushes by Billion Dollar Brushes. It was a nice starter set of brushes that covers the basic areas of the face, and I also really like that they labeled what each one could be used for. As a plus, the brushes were vegan!

Next is a duo of watermelon face brightening mask and a mini face brightening serum by Milk Makeup. I've used masks before, and while I liked the results, I always found the actual process of applying it to be messy. These two, however, were in a stick form, meaning I could apply both products mess-free. It's like a chapstick, but for your face. After using them, my skin definitely felt softer. It also had a very pleasant scent.

Next, I tried the refreshing facial cleansing gel by Ahava. It was a nice, easy-to-use product, and I definitely felt like my face was cleaner after using it. However, the product itself was a bit sticky. You definitely have to wet your hands and face first before using it.

For my last facial care product, I received a pack of three reusable makeup rounds by Saie Beauty. They are soft, non abrasive, and I also like the fact that they're washable and reusable. I've used foam beauty blenders in the past, and it can get wasteful very quickly. But These are not only environmentally conscious, but fluffy as fuck. I used them specifically for facial cleansing, and it was a great alternative to a scratchy washcloth.

For my last skincare product, I got a pack of four "Suns' Out, Pouts Out" gold foil lip masks by SfGlow. I generally don't have problems with chapped lips except during the winter, but I definitely noticed a difference after using it. My lips felt softer and smoother, and the application of these was surprisingly easy. It didn't require rinsing or pre-washing of any kind, nor any messy cleanup.

I'll admit that, for a long time, I've been a bit stingy about how much money I've been willing to spend on hair care products. When I tried this clean luxury hair masque by Gloss Moderne, it was a major paradigm shift in my haircare routine. My hair definitely felt softer and looked shinier. As someone who's had issues with dryness and damage in the past, the difference was like night and day, and all it took was a few extra minutes in the shower.

The last product I received was an elderberry and raspberry hand scrub by Human+Kind. It was like a hand soap, an exfoliant, and a lotion all in one! The scent was very fruity and sweet without being overpowering, and a little seems to go a very long way.

I wasn't familiar with any of the brands I received in my box, but I was pleasantly surprised. They were high-quality products that I wouldn't necessarily know to look for in the cosmetics section of Walgreens or at Sephora, and I definitely felt pampered after trying everything out. I double- checked the prices of each item from the manufacturers, and I appreciated the honesty about the value of each item. Receiving this much stuff for such a low price made this box feel like a present to myself. My only real critique is that the shipping time was a bit slow, but I understand that the mail is a bit backlogged due to the pandemic. I absolutely would recommend this box, and I can't wait to see what I get in my next one. Overall, I give it out 4/5 Crispy Chicken Wings.

Stay Crispy. - Reba

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